13 Feb 12

On Her Knees

Oh, she knows the drill…

Down on her knees, cock in mouth, looking back up at us the entire time. She has her hand on his cock, holding it tightly, firmly, waiting for him to get off as she continues to suck him down!

And she’s not afraid to go deep either!

eden adams hot teen slut sucks cock eats jizz1 eden adams hot teen slut sucks cock eats jizz2

In fact, once he stands up, it seems she’s able to go so much deeper… Yeah, this blonde little slut knows exactly what turns us on – deep throating!

The entire time she had her eyes open wide and was looking back up at him – which only turned him on more!

Not only was she eager to take on the task of sucking him down, but she was also eager to get it over with – but only because she wanted to know what his jizz tastes like. That’s right, she loves to cum swallow! She just wants to know what a man really tastes like…. And no one is going to say to her sucking them off and swallowing their jizz!

eden adams hot teen slut sucks cock eats jizz3

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